Friday, 31 May 2013

10 looks to copy right now !!

At Heiress we believe that we can all look fashionable if guided right. Some have it in-born and some cultivate it. We all know people who are naturally good at styling, and may even have caught ourselves wishing that we could do the same. But in most cases we just can't, the colors and styles that appear to go with each other magically, sometimes are not very apparent to us.

But the good news us, for that group, you can always inspire yourself from street fashion and celebrity styles. All you have got to do is understand a look  in its most basic form. We help you decode a curated set of 10 looks that YOU too can copy ! Did we just put a smile across your face? Well its bound to get bigger.

Combine a well-fitted colored pants ( preferably high waist or medium waist) with a tank tucked in. Accessorize with flats, a printed scarf and printed canvas tote.

Off-white separates work great together. Pair a sheer shirt and denim with ran and gold accessories for a chic summer outfit. Don't forget to wear your aviators.

The opposite of the above outfit, a black on black outfit is great if summers are not very hot in your geographic area. Pair with a thick metal gold belt.

Knotted shirts are back with all their boho appeal. But to twist things a bit, knot a denim shirt with a pastel maxi skirt. Keep accessories to the minimum - bag and a long necklace should suffice.

High-waist white pants with a denim crop shirt buttoned up and a reflective pair of sunnies is all you need to be uber cool. 

Keep this look as monochromatic as possible, printed shorts with a shirt and blazer (sleeves pushed up). If you notice the shirt is printed too, but only slightly so. Keep that in mind.

A lovely combination of a kurta and a skirt really speaks for you sartorial capabilities. Be sure of the right lengths and silhouette of the two since that will majorly make or break this look.

Dungarees have made a come back this spring. Try a short one with plain white tee, a tote and espadrilles.

Statement sunglasses and a printed scarf tied on the head is perfect for summers.

A polka dot spaghetti tank with a pretty striped skirt. Why didn't we think of it before? Right !

Happy dressing up and copying these looks !


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  2. Loving the colour on the pants on the first pic,adorable!

  3. So many amazing outfits. Have a great day.

  4. Awesome 10 picks :-) love the all black and off white outfit, you guys have great taste!

  5. These are such fantastic style inspirations, really inventive and novel. Thanks for the great ideas!

  6. You have totally nailed all the hottest things going on right now! You have such excellent taste.

    I've been thinking about going for some cute little overalls (aka dungarees) this summer! You are making me want to try it right now! :D

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  8. The tangerine trousers definitely make me smile, they're gorgeous! :) /Madison

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  10. LOVE the black with gold accessories! So chic!

  11. I really love the color scheme of the first pictures, but since I don't have orange pants, I'll reverse it with an orange shirt on top. Also, black on black always works, regardless of season.


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