Saturday, 16 March 2013

Spring Clean your Wardrobe this Weekend

So we have dropped the dirty and dreaded word - Spring Cleaning! But ladies it might sound tough and like an irksome job but really you should see as an opportunity to get hold of your wardrobe.

We in Delhi, India are already experiencing the transition from winter to spring and hence this weekend seems just the right time to throw away the old to make space for the new. Are you with us? Follow these little tips and it might get easier for you too ! Remember this is the time when you edit your winter wardrobe as well as the summer one. So follow these tips for both.

Some Great Tips

> Choose a free and happy time to start. You must have a few hours at your hand and maybe play music to feel good.

> Empty your bed or spread a sheet or newspapers on the floor. 

> Take a section of the wardrobe ( example blouses or jewelry)  and pull all the pieces out.

> Now you will have to divide these things in four categories. One - Keeps, Second - Donate, Third - It's so hard to decide and Fourth - I am so attached to this !

If you need to try each piece, do that. If you can decide what category each piece belongs to just by looking, well you are a pro.

> Remember to keep high standards while spring cleaning. If it looks absolutely fabulous or is a great basic that goes with everything then only it is for keeps. After all you must feel good in your clothes each day.

Once you have divided the categories, move onto the next section of your wardrobe.

> If its your winter wardrobe take the keeps and It's so hard to decide category and store away  properly with naphthalene balls. I am so attached to this category must be stored in the box away from your wardrobe, since you are only keeping it for emotional value.

> If its your summer wardrobe, display the keeps category neatly in the wardrobe. Have a separate section for pants, denims, shirts, blouses and night clothes if possible.

> Keep the 'It's so hard to decide' category in a box for a month and see if you missed any of its contents. If you did not, you have your answer.

> Also remember things not worn for a whole year or two seasons definitely need to be parted ways with.

> So voila ! You have there your new clean and organized wardrobe. Now start making a list of all the things you would need. Cleaning is the best thing to do before shopping for a new wardrobe for the season. It will always guide you right !

Happy Weekend everyone !

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  1. Really great and useful ideas for cleaning out ones closet!Hope you're having a great weekend hun!

  2. It is really hard to donate! I have such a hard time! I love the confessions of a shopaholic movie (:

  3. Great tips!
    Love your blog xx

  4. OH no! my mom was going over and over asking me to clean my wardrobe for Summer now! she is next to me happy to read your tips :)
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  5. I love your blog! would you like to follow each other on blogger and instagram? If yes let me know! I'll follow right back!

    Instagram: @alinasfashtips

  6. Great post and great tips ! :)

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