Monday, 18 March 2013

5 Chic Ideas when feeling LAZY to dress

Maybe blame it on Monday, that we are feeling even lazy to dress up. Happens right? We are all only human! But of course, beyond being human, we are well-dressed ladies too. So what is a lady to do when she has to keep up with her chic reputation but is too lazy to dress? Heiress to the rescue as always!

So here are some win-win ideas for dressing lazy this spring-summer... five precisely. After all dressing up eclectic is a lot of fun when you actually have the motivation and time. But when you don't that easy-breezy-lazy chic is a lady's best friend! Maybe reading this will also shed some light on the kind of pieces that are a must-have in a lazy girls wardrobe.

# 1 All hail the Maxi Dress !

Is there even an astonishment on your face that this is the first go-to option? This one has been proven time and time again to be chic. But not just any maxi is chic. Either you play up a gorgeous color and simply pair a jewellery in contrast color ( like picture 1). Or you can buy a great print and you would need nothing more than your loyal sunglasses (picture 2). Or have a classic number in black or white that has impressive silhouette and design, add a hat maybe and sunglasses to it. ( Picture 3)

#2 A pair of shorts (and toned legs) can win the world !

There we said it. This casual outfit is so versatile and comfortable that who wants to get out of their shorts. So either wear a bold color with a cami and simply add wedges and a hat (picture 1). Or channel comfort with a white pair and interesting tee like a dyed one (picture 2). Or lastly be biker-chic... needless to point out this look would ask you to add a leather jacket (Picture 3, and only for the countries where summer is not as hot as India)

#3 That lady in a Summer Dress

Aren't those the most gorgeous things to wear in summers ? You absolutely need to have a white one, now that is not even news right (Picture 1). Then comes a printed ditsy floral summer dress that looks appealing with a tan belt (Picture 2). And lastly if you can carry that off, then an anti-fit version which encapsulates your upper body and gives a slightly care free look ( Picture 3)

#4 Skirts, skirts, skirts... long and short.

Let's first talk about the skater skirt. Wear a nice print with a cropped tee and impeccable footwear, and you are done (Picture 1) If you only own a basic black one, rock it with a white tank, add belt, sunglasses and canvas shoes and you end up being oh-so-cool (Picture 2) Then cotton maxi skirts are fabulous too, again work with a tank, a contrast belt and a hat(picture 3). And what about an asymmetric skirt? Add a tucked in blouse or maybe a knotted shirt, a flimsy pendant, lipstick and great shoes ( picture 4)

#5 God bless the Pyjama trend !

Yes now it is officially cool to wear pyjama suits( Marc Jacobs favors it so much and confesses to wearing them to work!) Lucky us ! But remember to always pair this look up with heels to look chic and not shabby. You can start with getting comfortable with the silhouette first, buy a luxe printed pyjama and pair with a tee and choker necklace (Picture 1). Or buy a designer pyjama suit where the prints match but the top is more like a blouse and add a statement necklace (picture 2). Finally for the brave, wear an actual night shirt with printed trousers or maybe even the real set, do not forget the heel and clutch with this one at all. Add a pair of earrings too if necessary. (Picture 3) 

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  1. Amen to a maxi when feeling lazy - it still looks chic and is sooooo comfy!

    Pearls & Paws

  2. Another terrific post Heiress!! Summer dresses are relaxed n chic! The pyjama suit sounds like fun too!

  3. amazing post
    love your blog, is great! I am following you now on gfc(230) and bloglovin(47)
    hope that you can visit my blog :)

  4. Summers equals laid back style for me too ! U laid sown the essentials very clearly !! keep it up.
    Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog !And thanks for following me on bloglovin, I also moved all my subscriptions there itself.

  5. You have very amazing blog, dear! Love it! :)
    I hope you wanna follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin. Pls let me know? ;)

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  6. So stylish, so beautiful, so out of the ordinary! I love these outfits !!


  7. the outfits are very nice ! your blog looks very lovely and interesting. im glad you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  8. These are all such great ideas! The maxi is definitely my go to (and I'm wearing it today!)

  9. I love your ideas. These ladies look incredible. My fav the maxi dress. I wish we already had the weather for that. I´m so tired of my winter coats <3


  10. Such great trends for summer! Love the maxi dress and the pajama bottom looks!


  11. lovely ideas..:)
    thanks for your lovely comment.
    yes i am in bloglovin. sure we can follow there.
    xo sabbi

  12. Beautiful outfits ! The third style is fabulous :)

  13. Like that white dress.
    I was planning to buy one.
    Always had a weakness white.

  14. i love your 3rd picture bcz i always like leather jacket outfits tan leather jackets for men

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