Saturday, 2 March 2013

25 ways to wear a white shirt !

As promised we are back with a pile of inspiration that you could use to wear your white shirt. If you are just joining in, and do not know our fascination with the stylized white shirt, read our last post - All you need dis white shirt !
you might just love it. 

Even though we are here to discuss ways to work a shirt beyond the regular blue denim, but well let's point to some classics first and then move on to all the pictures !!

Classic Guide to white shirt

  • One combination that will never fail - White shirt + Blue Denim
  • One style that would always be classy - White Shirt + Aviators
  • One combination that will always be presentable - White Shirt + Pencil Skirt
  • One style that would always be chic - White Shirt + Bold Accessories 

And now the inspirations - there could be a lot you already know and some which slipped your mind or you never thought of before. Lets discover !

White Shirt+ Shorts

#1 Printed high waist shorts are lovely with  a white shirt

# 2 Wear with shorts but wear a thin transparent feminine skirt over it.

 White Shirt+Printed Pants

# 3 Polka dots printed pants or an ethic motif, the combination is more chic this season than only a colored pair of pants.

 White Shirt+ Skirts

# 4 The monochromatic look of Spring Summer 2013 can easily be achieved with a combination like this.

 # 5 If not a maxi skirt, and a pencil skirt is too formal - pair with a belted skater skirt instead.

White Shirt+White

# 6 A tailored white Palazzo pants with a white shirt has a very luxurious resort feel to it.

# 7 This stylish teen in Stockholm takes the white on white combination to the level of cool with that brown belt and contrast watch.

White Shirt+Bold Colored Accessories

# 8 The snakeskin print pants do grab attention, but the detail in this look comes out with the matched clutch and pumps in a bold blue.

White Shirt+Bow Tie

# 9 The embellished bow tie takes away the cake. But the icing is the beautiful makeup and earring along with it.

# 10 If you fancy more androgyny , pair the white shirt with a bow tie and a statement blazer too.

 White Shirt+ Scarves

# 11  If bow tie is not your thing, you can tie a knot of your small square scarf around your white shirt collar too.

# 12 Throw around a printed scarf casually around the neck for this effect too.

White Shirt+ Statement Necklace

# 13 Go bling and show off the chunkiest necklace you own with a white shirt.

# 14 Wear a longer necklace instead, bold in color and size of pendant too.

White Shirt+ Hat

# 15 The blue denim and white shirt combination is a classic, but if you added a fedora, you will manage to put more personality in the look.

# 16 The Fedora also works with a white shirt teamed with a soft maxi. Ain't it a total style statement !

White Shirt+Sequins

# 17 A sequin suit and white shirt. Can it get any more glamorous?

# 18 If OTT is not your thing. How about a sequin clutch instead.

White Shirt+ Suit

# 19 Surely the bow tie's sister. But instead do a casual Le Smoking with a tailored pants but oversized shirt instead.

White Shirt+ Sunglasses

#20 There is something about a white shirt and statement sunglasses. You can actually go as bold as you like. We personally love mirrored sunglasses with it too.

# 21 A white shirt with aviators is a universal style statement as we talked about at the very start of this post.

White Shirt+Red Lips

# 22 This picture actually speaks for itself.

White Shirt+Belt

# 23 Belt a long white shirt at waist with a thin or thick belt.

White Shirt+ Denim Jacket

#24 Even though the combination of white shirt and denim jacket is usually worn with jeans or shorts, Miranda Kerr took it to a whole other level here.

White Shirt+ Printed Blazer

#25 A white shirt accentuates even a timid and muted printed blazer.

So what are your favorites?
What other style tips all you terrific bloggers would share with us? 


  1. I like them all... best one is with polka pants.. I have inclination for dots.. :-)

  2. Love this post!! What great ways to style a classic white shirt, so many of them I would never have thought of before, thanks for the style inspiration!

  3. Wow, so many wonderful combinations! Love it paired with polka dots :) Thanks for the tips!

  4. Great selection! Kisses.

  5. I love your blog! Perfect post :) I follow you now, maybe you wanna follow each other ;)

  6. love all the looks, white shirt never fails to impress.

  7. Great post ! White shirt is perfect with a lot of pieces ! :)

  8. Thanks for your visit...wishing you a great week!

  9. cool looks, I love those shirts with maxi skirts

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