Monday, 18 February 2013

How to have a Good Monday ?

So Mondays are always hard. They are, for everyone. Sometimes people dread Mondays right from Sunday night. But is there nothing we can do to feel better... to start the week on a good note? Heiress says we can ! With just a few things in mind you can make your Monday great. Excited? Read on !

1. Play Music as soon as you get up

Have a Monday playlist for yourself, which you know cheers you up instantly and listen to it whole morning. It could be peppy pop or jazz, whatever is your taste, use it up. While you shower, while you get dressed, or eat breakfast. This is one is a sure-shot way for a good start.

For those looking for some new inspiration, here is a very short list from Soundcloud that we put together for our readers.

♪♫ Erase
♪♫ Doobie

2. Decide your outfit on Sunday night

Simple but makes sense right? Even if you get up a little late, you would know that at least one of your morning chores is done already. So you can just dash out of the shower and get dressed.

3. Wear flats, tailored blazer and favorite jewelry

Dressing sloppy to work is never good, but specially so on a Monday. You need to feel and look professional and active. Blazers are obviously the best choice. But we would suggest you say no to heels and opt for flats instead. Stay comfortable too. And do not forget your favorite and jewelry and perfume to complete the chic look for Monday.

4. Have a healthy breakfast

Again a no brainer, but a lot of us often miss breakfast causing hunger pangs later. So have a quick one, some fruits or oats or boiled egg or cornflakes with milk or toast. You can pick up a bagel on the way , this one is not that healthy but at least pick something up. Do not starve on a Monday.

5. Be nice to people on a Monday and give a compliment. 

Just like you everyone else is probably having a bad time on possible the most dreaded day of the week. Hence it is wise to choose to be nice. Greet people with a smile a lot, give compliments and be helpful. This will definitely give your mood a happy swing.

6. Watch a sitcom in the evening

If you still did not have a good day, make it a good evening. When you reach back from work give sometime to laughing- watch your favorite sitcom. After all laughing is the best medicine ain't it ?

Have a Happy Monday everyone ! :)


  1. super post

  2. I am absolutely LOVING this post! You guys always have the best ones :) And thanks to you, I wore just that today and I feel amazing :)

  3. Those are really, really great tips and ideas! Thanks for making surviving my Monday easier! :D

  4. Hey darling.
    Wondering if you would like to follow each other? :)
    Please let me know! I a stay home, so I follow back right away.

  5. Mondays are indeed the hardest! Love your great ideas, thanks for the positivity. I would love to wear that chic look at Number 3. Watching sitcoms is one of my favourite past times.

  6. Oh Monday! It seemed like everyone else had today off, so that did my Monday NO favors! But I do love picking out my outfit to start the week off right Sunday night!

    Enter my Lash Boutique Giveaway!

  7. its difficult to decide on Sunday.. as you woke up in morning and you are all together in different mood and mindset. I agree that wearing your favorite on Monday does help in beating blues..

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