Monday, 7 January 2013

Still don't own a skater skirt?

Well the title of today's post is enough to really express how essential we deem the skater skirt in a wardrobe. We are sure all of our readers will reply affirmative in unison. But in case you still don't own one, we have a list five top reasons on why you should.

  1. It is a piece that transcends seasons. Wear with leggings in winter and with stocking or bare legs in summers. It will never let you down.
  2. Defines waist and makes leg looks longer if worn with a tucked in blouse or shirt.
  3. The printed / bright color / baroque / leather versions add and instant element of chic to your outfit.
  4. Can be dressed down for the day with sweater or casual blouse and backpack. Can dressed up with a shiny blouse, statement necklace, great heels and clutch.
  5. Very comfortable to wear and provides ease of movement, while still maintaining a "dressed-up" feel.

Ain't those reasons enough? So why do you wear a skater skirt? Let us know in comments while we share with you our favorite pins, polyvore boards and blogger looks on the same.

Favorite Skater Skirt Pins

1.  Pinned by Gabrielle Baker from Chicismo
2. Pinned by Hilary
3. Pinned by Nikki C

2.  Pinned by Wemi
3. Pinned by Huli Li Wong

Favorite Skater Skirt Boards at Polyvore

1. Board by Jennifer Lopes
2. Board by Sheryl Lee
3. Board by snickres

Favorite Skater Skirt Blogger Looks

Who - Fabrizia

Visit her at - Cosa Mi Metto

Look featured in -  Roooar

What we love - The accessories are perfect, specially the hat - which we could never imagine would have worked.

Who - Shalini

Visit her at - Stylish by Nature

What we love - Another tiger sweater pair up but totally unique due to it's length and the denim shirt underneath. Love the red lips too!

Who - Tanja

What we love - Actually everything. What is not to love! The intricate skirt, the braided updo, the belt, the color of the boots !

Who - Rachel

Visit her at - Rachel's Lookbook

Look Featured in - Leopard Booties

What we love - That beautiful feminine color against cold weather took our heart away. And those leopard booties were the right choice ! 


  1. You are right. I need one too <3



  2. Beautiful post, the Polyvore inspirations are fabulous !!

  3. Thanks for leaving a comment on my site. I am following you.

  4. I like this style of skirt too!

    Much Love

    P.S. following you back.

  5. Yay !! Thanx a lot for the feature...Glad you loved the look :)


  6. Thanks for featuring my look! On of my faves :) skater skirts are definitely a MUST! My fav part is how easy they are to dress up or down :)

  7. Thanks for featuring my look! On of my faves :) skater skirts are definitely a MUST! My fav part is how easy they are to dress up or down :)

  8. we have been trying to get our hands on leather skater skirt.
    love your post!

  9. Thank you very much for all your nice comments! I really like your blog since you post so many great ideas! I was already following you on GFC, now I follow you on Bloglovin (# 7) as well, I hope you can also follow me there :)


  10. Nice looks! I'll have to check if I own a skirt like that!

  11. Mmm, beautiful! all looks are really stylish and eye-catchy! This model is so easy to wear, so versatile



  12. Skater skirts are really a must-haves! Btw, thanks for dropping by at my blog :))

  13. I wanna get either leather or lace skater skirt :D Just love its playfulness!

    Hey I am your new follower here :) Would love it if you stop by at my blog and join me on GFC :)

  14. oh my god, thank you so much for the feature and the nice words! I'm so happy about it :)

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