Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Are you a cat person?

What do fashion have to do with cats? Think again. Though this quirky print ain't a new phenomenon, it is catching up again. And with so many cute videos and pictures of cats being circulated all over the internet we do not blame us for having a little soft corner for them.

They even have their own memes on 9 gag now. If you don't believe us, here is one, the grumpy cat who doesn't even enjoy holidays, which we personally find hilarious.

Coming back to fashion though, care for some cool feline nail art? Here's what's on our must try list. Click on the images to follow original links, who own the copyrights to these images.

And how about the blogger favorite Jeffrey Campbells Litashoes in the cat tapestry? Below another style of cat footwear captured on the street.

And there's more of course, a really quirky idea and predictably from a prduct manufacturer in Japan - Kraso. This cuddly winter cape called cat on the back is perfect for winters as they say.

And last how can we forget a cat lover's home? Care for a cat silhouette wallpaper?

Meow till next time !


  1. Love the first nail art of cats. The cat pumps too look great! But though I love seeing them on others, on myself I may not prefer cat prints. Rather, I'd go for 'Big-Cat' prints - Tiger, Leopard, Cheetah!!! :)
    Thanks for visiting my blog doll.
    Don't forget to follow too if you like, by GFC, FB etc! :)

  2. The nails are really awesome!!!! Also thank you so much for the feature in the previous post!
    Come back soon to visit my fashion blog!
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    Win a pair of VOGUE sunglasses!

  3. hahahah cat memes are always funny especially the grumpy one.
    love those nail arts and those black cat shoes from the street.

  4. Am more of a dog person myself, but I do love that wallpaper, and who doesn't love cat memes...heehee...BTW, thank you so much for the follow. Following back:)

  5. I am animal person... and I had a cat, and he was beautiful.. miss him everyday... and this is such an inspirational post... nice work... :D


  6. LOL! This post is the best! I am a cat lady, even though I have a dog and no cats (not yet anyway...)

    Grumpy cat is my favorite! :) Also, I am loving the cat/polka dot nails! :)

  7. I am definitely a cat person! I loved seeing all these whimsical kitty inspired designs, so fun!

  8. Craaaazy cat lady! I'm more of a dog person, but one of my best friends loves cats! But I've gotta say, grumpy cat is pretty darn awesome! And I love those nail art ideas! So cute.

  9. Wow! Love your post, and your blog. I follow you now
    Please follow me back!
    Thanks and kisses from spain

  10. Woow good post . Am following u . Glad if u will follow me back.

  11. How beautiful!


    Come to me :)

  12. obsessed with those nails, love it. i have a new post up hun, hope you check it out, thanks xx


  13. Aw this post made me smile so much! Love cats! :)


  14. Cute pictures, love the cat manucure !! :)



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