Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Airport Fashion : What not to wear

Hola everyone ! Fashion is everywhere and you take it with yourself at the airport too while you travel. But at the airport fashion is highly functional. But we have all met people who dress up like they were headed for a party but decided to fly instead out of the blue. These people tend to make us wait endlessly at the security check while they take off there meticulously detailed outfit, jewelry and shoes!

Yes it does get frustrating and that is why this was a much needed post we suppose. After all style is about being occasion appropriate and every fashionista worth her name would swear by this. So let's get down to it and discuss What not to wear at the airport, and what to wear instead.

Don't wear : Stilettos, Laced up Boots, Pumps, Gladiators

First of all those sky-high heels are not for travel, the leg room is cramped and you would be in your seat for hours. But more importantly, in case of an emergency, you are required to take your heels off anyway or else you will tear the raft, so what is the point anyways.

Also not a good idea are difficult to lace up boots, gladiators for the same reason and yes the heel less shoe. Remember lady Gaga at Heathrow?

  Instead Wear: Ballerinas, Smoking Slippers, Block Heels

Love thy flats for airports. But flats does't mean boring. See Ashley Olsen in her toe cap ballerinas, or opt for smoking skippers. If heels is a must choose block heels instead.

Don't Wear : Fluid Short Skirts and Dresses

The reason is obvious. If you still didn't get it learn from Kate Middleton who was caught in windy weather.

Instead Wear : Pants , Skirts with leggings

Go for skirts with leggings like Keira Knightley . Or better still stick with pants.

Don't wear : Body hugging clothes you can't even breathe in

Don't fall prey to glamorous celeb pictures in body hugging maxis or dresses at the airport. Yes you have great curves, save them to show off later. Breathe while at the airport and yes walk comfortably.

Instead Wear : Comfortable clothes

Comfortable is not sloppy. You can be in workout pants and still look cool if you work all the elements right, notice Megan fox here. If not sure, jeans and tee will do too. 

Don't Wear : Lots of Jewelry

Of course you have to pass through that metal detector. Please act like you already know that and leave the bling at home. So many necklaces, rings and bracelets are only going to take up yours and other innocent passengers' time. 

If you really have to wear your jewelry, keep it in the bag and wear later.

Instead Wear : Sunglasses and Scarves

If you just can't get yourself to step outside sans accessories, sunglasses and a scarf are better options. Easier to take off and put back on.

Don't Wear : Under wired Bra

Keeping the sensitive metal detector at the airports in mind, your under wired bra can trigger it off and then you maybe subjected to all sorts of checks. Save your self the trouble!

Instead Wear : Padded non wired T-shirt bra

Comfortable bras are great for travel, choose the non-wired variety to stay safe.

Don't wear : Closed sweatshirts and pullovers

During winters, the many layers can also cause delays at the security check. Try taking them off before your turn. Also a closed hoodie will mess up your hair and is cumbersome to take off.

Instead Wear : Jackets and zipper opening hoodies

Jackets and hoodies with zipper closure are more convenient. Try to wear the ones with don't get wrinkled easily and fir in the trunk above your seat in case you want to take it off en route.

At last we finish our round up of things not to wear at airport. But its not over. Share your experiences below. And while we take a leave, we would love to add that do not carry loose change in your pockets and needless to say don't sport your spiky clothes at the airport.


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  3. This is a great post! And so so so true! I do love wearing jewelry, but that's exactly what I do... pack it it my carry on or purse for later! It is a huge hassle otherwise. Also, I've always dreamed about being the girl at the airport in heels but I guess it really doesn't make much sense ;) I like cute sneakers, flats, scarves and zip up or button up jackets (so they are easy to take off for temperature changes!)

  4. Great post!these are really good to take into consideration when traveling!

  5. this post is so great, wanted to know such stuff for a long time! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. An interesting post! Airport wear can be so difficult to decide.


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  8. these are all great tips! i never would have thought of the underwire bra one!

  9. you should have called this post what not to wear EVER :D
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  12. Very simple, yet lovely outfit! Love the accessories as well!

  13. I love your "what not to wear" pictures - too good!

    Pearls & Paws

  14. Great post !! Comfortable clothes and shoes are the best !! :)

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