Saturday, 24 November 2012

5 things to do this weekend

Here we are introducing a new fun section. If you are in this part of the globe (India) and specifically these geographical co-ordinates 29.0167° N, 77.3833° E ( aka Delhi ) - you are going to love our list !

And for our overseas friends or friends in other parts of our country... why don't you tell us how you are spending the weekend in your parts of the world. We would love to know !!

So here's our list of the top 5 things you could do this weekend.

ATTEND - Spoofhmania

 An independent International Film Festival  starting tomorrow at the Siri Fort Auditorium, which celebrates the genre of spoof.  This is for you as they say it "If you have liked Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron's Mahabharata Scene, Mel Brooks' Series of spoofs & are a Monty Python... If Borat is your role model and if Rajni / Chuck Norris Jokes make you ROFL..."

Excited? Learn more about this in the video below .. and the tickets are available here

SHOP - Cut out Peplum blouse

Has it been a while since you added to your wardrobe? Indulge in some retail therapy. And what better way to shop than from the comfort of your home. Our pick of the week is this peplum blouse in electric blue by Heiress. It works great with a tailored blazer, great to stay stylish during the slightly chilly weather of November.

You can visit our online store HERE to see details.

Or place your order on our facebook page by filling this THIS EASY FORM and we would reply back.

Or mail us about it at

 EAT - Turquoise Cottage Sunday Brunch

We could have suggested and expensive fare for a Sunday Brunch here, but this time it's the end of the month - salary crunches so go for a value for money restaurant instead. It only costs Rs. 450/- per head for their Asian, Chinese and Thai preparations with healthy salads and hearty desserts. 

If you are anywhere near MG Road, you can give this one a shot .

BEAUTY : Lady Gaga Fame Eu de Parfum

We were reading through a very interesting slide show on Fall 2012 perfumes on Perfume reviews can get confusing for the readers and they understood that. It's so hard to imagine a fragrance by reading about it. But this review was different .

"It smells hot and sweet, like candy melting on the dashboard of your car." -- Emily Popp, Assistant Editor

"It reminds me of a Blow Pop, especially that moment when you reach the bubblegum center." -- Paola Gonzalez Marra, Senior Designer

"This smells like a sunny day at Disneyland, when the air is filled with caramel apples and cotton candy." -- Sophie Salazar, Editorial Intern 

And by the way it's the first time in beauty industry that the perfume is opaque black when in bottle, but becomes clear when sprayed. Astounding just like Gaga right ?

We loved how their staff talked about Lady Gaga Fame Eu de Parfum. We would say go try it on your skin !

UNWIND : Relaxing bath at home

 Light some candles, dip in hot water with your favorite essential oils. Light  some scented candles, have a glass of wine and listen to this right below. Personal spa at home right ? Weekend is when you should relax too, to re-energize for yet another week ! So have fun and make the most of your weekend !



  1. is the perfume a good one? I was thinking of buying it! :)

    1. Oh yes it is... but try first as it is different on every skin !

      But BTW the perfume as outsold Beyonce and Maddona.

  2. Seems like it is going to be an awsome weekend for you

  3. eat, pamper urself n shop...few of my fav things to do :) have fun over the weknd :)

  4. Nice list :D i like the peplum idea :D

    Maybe you have time to see my new post: Shimla: Part II :)

    Join my DIWALI DHAMAKA GIVEAWAY:Win 3 items


  5. Peplum blouse is so sweet ^^

    New post - Kisses ♥

  6. So lovely post, my dear! Thanks for inspiration!!!



  7. Great post!!!!! And I am looking for a new perfume so I will have to give it a try :) Looks amazing and I love Gaga!

  8. The relaxing bath at home sounds like a plan to me! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, my likes and more! Also, we can support each other if you like by following each others FB pages! I put my link below, let me know if you follow and I will follow back :) :)

  9. Great recommendations! Love the peplum... and BLACK perfume!

  10. Lady Gaga´s perfume is really cool. I already have it <3




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