Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The September Issue

As most will tell you September is the January for fashion. No wonder 2009 saw the release of a very successful documentary by the same name directed by R.J. Cutler. It featured the behind-the-scenes preparation of Vogue US Fall issue in 2007 - a massive 840 pages. But this time around, with the economy trying to get a grip again, Wintour has set the bench mark even higher with a 5 pound, 916 page issue! We hear it was great trouble fitting into the mail boxes of Manhattan fashion dwellers!

So why is it so important anyway? We feel, it sets the ball rolling for the festive season ahead and tries to create demand for all things fashion. It's just a preparation for what can you expect this fall. Brands pay big bucks for advertisements, the Vogue US issue 2012 had it's contents page at page 76! 

Also, fall kicks off sales for big ticket items like outerwear and boots, people wear so many layers that you can expect to sell a lot more than spring. Though March is a big issue for publications too, but the start of fall brings with it the mindset of being more important.

Witnessing all the hoopla that surrounds the September issue, we thought of sharing the Vogue covers of different nations, enough to compare ourselves who did the best. 


Vogue with a ribbon signifies the occasion and Lady Gaga in an electric purple Marc Jacobs, with an afro speaks volumes about just how grand Wintour would like this fall to be. The extreme skinny curves on the cover sure indicate a part of her vision too. Moreover, Gaga went nude with only wearing a massive feather hat. Personally, we think Mert and Marcus did a great job with this one. The picture looks ethereal in a fashion sense of the word.


The cover roughly translates into Fashion's black fury. The Dolce and Gabbana dress adorned by Kate Moss, Lara Stone and Daria is revolting in it's own right. So, yes, Vogue Paris did a triple cover - all of them slick and stunning.
Enough evidence that Paris loves black even for the September issue. 


UK chose Karlie Kloss who's greatly alluring and graceful in her debut at the cover. All through she wears clashing prints. On the cover the vision is not fall but shamelessly festive and lively - look at the colors and Kloss' beautiful pose after all. And good for Karlie she landed not one but two Vogue covers this month with Vogue Japan featuring her too ! So much for our modern day supermodel.


Vogue Italia stands out amongst all it's sisters. They make no commercial show of the contents but instead has a very fashion intellectual appeal. The cover has Carolyn Murphy amidst mannequin heads. She dons prada and instills an excitement on why this cover? Flip inside and Vogue declares, this is the future of fashion - Murphy wears highly plastic looking exaggerated masks and appears in all her shots. Is it a metaphoric future or are we all really reaching towards this reality? Guess we will have to find out.


The message again is noir or schwarz as Germans say it , and we refer not only to the cover but the black and white shots inside. Salma Hayek with her hour glass figure in a Gucci number, though fails to flutter our hearts this time. Maybe the shot is just weak with that backdrop. Inside though, she makes up with her poses and sex appeal - she sure is the goddess which sets many a man's heart racing. The clothes featured inside are classic and flattering. 


When all others run to adorn their September covers with the biggest stars there are, Vogue India chose an upcoming one - Alia Bhatt. The gorgeous lady will make her debut in acting this October with a romantic comedy - Student of the year. The choice is open for comment but we feel in some shots she does not look new instead she looks like she belongs on the editorial pages . On the cover she wears a berry Gucci gown but we wish more expressions were visible on the face. But it's a start and with a big banner movie and a Vogue cover in her Kitty she might just well be Bollywood's bright new shining star - as the cover claims.


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