Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sculpted Fashion

As our team was flipping through fashion editorials, we noticed an undercurrent of sculpted fashion all over. It seems the editors are collectively foreseeing a new season of bold cuts, architectural lines , power dressing and sculpted silhouettes. 

Classic colors ooze out an avant garde appeal with such treatment of silhouettes. And even though some fashion editors went the couture way, others showed us how to incorporate this trend for the coming season in a more everyday way. There were bold printed stripes too featured in one of the editorials and we feel it could be a good way to go.

Check out all the relevant editorials below and we would love to know if you see this trend making way to your wardrobe, or you feel it's worthy only for the glossies.

Yasmin Warsame for Fashion Magazine Canada

Chris Nicholls Captures Kristy for Flare October 2012

Gregory Harris Captured this shot for Autum Fashions Numero # 136

Marion Cotillard for Time Style and Design

Chris Nicholls Captures Kristy for Flare October 2012

Marique Schimmel for Vogue Netherlands


  1. I LOVE this! It is sooooo chic :) Thanks for sharing!!!!!


  2. Great observations!!!
    The Marion Cotillard picture is FABULOUS!!

    1. Thanks Princess Martha ! We are loving the picture too ! :)

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