Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday Search : 6 easy DIY nail art

Introducing a new section in our blog where every Saturday we share with you come weekend inspirations. Our team thinks up an idea - searches it over the web and features other bloggers and websites in the results.

For it's very first edition, we chose DIY nail art. A classic french manicure or even your favorite nail color ceases to any personality of it's own. In search for more expressive nails as well as those which would be easy to do at home rather than spending big bucks at a salon, seemed to be our motive this week. 

So here's 6 DIY nail art ideas that we collected and would to share with our readers.

24 Karat checks - Courtesy

This particular website had beautiful ideas on what all nail arts can be done with something as simple as a scotch tape ! We particularly loved these black and gold checks. Super chic and super glossy.

Just remember to let your base coat dry completely before using the tape on it.

Retro Polkas - Courtesy

In the article we came across Stylelist talks about nail art tools. The one featured here is so clever that we were honestly awed by it. A sewing needle inserted  at the back of a regular pencil !

After the base coat dries, try different sizes of polkas with different needles.

Trendy Ombre - Courtesy  and Somewhere over the Rainbow

I am sure we have talked about the ombre trend in clothes and accessories on our blog earlier. How about taking it a step forward ? How about ombre nails..!!

The first picture is a horizontal take on ombre and while the second one features a vertical ombre. Both look uniquely well executed and as trendy as they could get.

Another one that we loved in the ombre category and couldn't skip it is it's take on the neon trend. As seen on

Cheetah in you - Courtesy explains the addictive quality of this one so right - once a cheetah always a cheetah ! It's true, we have tried this one personally and from the amount of compliments we got we would surely recommend you all to try this one out ! Just using the cheetah spots on two of your nails appeals to us more than doing it all over and being OTT.

Feeling Sparkly - Courtesy and

Gold glitters with nude nail paints spell glam like nothing else. After applying two base coats and letting them dry apply either only on the end of each nail or fully cover a single nail. The nail art is a great option for a luncheon or a day date.

Happy like a rainbow - courtesy Pinterest

Pinterest is increasingly becoming a hub for everyone looking for any inspiration. And we found one of ours at the website too. This one should be possible with scotch tape too. The clouds would have been an achieved with a pair of pinking scissors. 

Remember to apply a clear varnish base coat before any colors.

Disclaimer - Heiress clearly states hearby that we do not own any of the images in this article. They are the copyright of relevant websites mentioned alongwith. No infringement intended.


  1. That rainbow is amazing but I love the 24K one the best...would look so chic for a night out!!

  2. I love them all , I`ll try some of them :)



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