Wednesday, 19 September 2012

HEIRESS LATEST COLLECTION - Biggest and Trendiest ever

A dash of tangerine and neon, a swatch of crochet in beige, a photo-montage of runway pictures and color inspirations, sketches strewn on the table and Ni***s in Paris blaring in the backdrop - that was the scene at our design studio when the Heiress team was conceptualizing this bold, chic yet basic and versatile collection.

This time around, we give you so much on your plate to choose from. If you like sexy we have cut-out dresses, if you like neon we give you bright skater dresses and even shirts, if you like it classic we have the biggest selection of LBD's this time.

So go ahead BE who you like, BE FABULOUS, BE HEIRESS !!

To shop Write in to us at

Or fill up this Easy Form at our Facebook Page

And to view details visit our Online Store

Go Bright Go Neon


Dip in Ombre

Feeling Striped

The High-Low story

 The classic LBD's

Sexy Cut-outs

Pastels and Nudes

To shop Write in to us at

Or fill up this Easy Form at our Facebook Page

And to view details visit our Online Store


  1. OMG I love almost every outfit yo posted here... but my favourite is that neon ruffle, orange dress... perfection... :)

  2. Thank you Miss Betty Boop ! Feels great to be loved!!

  3. Congratulations!!!!
    This all looks amazing!!
    I do have some favorites...
    first off, I never met a skater dress I didn't love and these are no exception.
    The green hi-lo dress is gorgeous and the black lace dress with bow is adorable!!!
    I really loved it all.
    You girls are amazing!!!

  4. Like ur blog following you now !! hope you wld follow back :)cheers

    1. You have a new follower Mona ! :) Thanks for visiting our blog.

      Stay In touch !

  5. Wow! All these dresses are pretty! The cutouts are just LOVE!
    New follower here!


    1. Thank you so much Mela for all the appreciation!!

      We visited you blog and you have great style!

  6. You have a great blog. Very unique style. I followed you and will for sure visit on a regular basis. Hope you can also visit my blog I will be thrilled if you think it's worth your following or liking.
    Thank you

  7. what a great collection....what is the payment mode??

    im following u follow back

    1. Thank you Abhi !

      If you reside in Delhi/NCR Cash-on Delivery is available. For anywhere else we accept online fund transfer to our account.

      View all details you need at Our Online Store

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