Saturday, 11 August 2012

Scarf it up

Scarves have always been an interesting add up that immediately peps up anything you are wearing. It is all about how and what you wear. It is comfortable, stylish and beautiful. You can completely change the way your outfit looks just by adding a scarf!!!! Here is how the little black dress is revamped by draping a nice scarf……

 But even the most versatile scarf should be trendy to keep you tuned to modern fashion achievements. Some time back we stumbled upon an interesting scarf designer Athena Procopiou who has been creating a lot of buzz lately!!!! Check out few of our personal favorites from her latest collection!!!

Visit the collection at


  1. love the scarves!!!! especially in combination with that awesome dress!!!

  2. So true!! I love scarves and we are all very lucky to be women because there are a lot of beautiful options for us to use ;)

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