Monday, 9 July 2012

Spotted in Heiress - Rachel from Rachel's lookbook

Hi fashion lovers !

It's no news that Heiress is more than just a fashion blog. The fashion items we have on offer on OUR ONLINE SHOP  can send anyone's heart pounding and a fashionista dreamily imagining wearing the item already.

Well , the news is that's what happened to our blogger friend Rachel. This chic and stylish American is the brains behind a very intriguing blog "Rachel's LookBook " She constantly posts new looks and guides her readers into actually sporting these looks themselves.

And hence when she discovered Heiress , and loved our clothing line , we were more than happy to let her shop for skillfully selected pieces. Of course we were curious on how she would put those pieces to use using here delectable talent at styling. And mind you we were happily surprised. She paired it up with a pencil skirt in cranberry color ! We must say peplum really complements the fitted silhouette at the bottom. A fashion nod from Heiress !

To read her original blog post click >> HERE << She talks about her look and also writes some fond words about Heiress !! Below are here pictures.


  1. Great color on the top and the skirt is fabulous!!

  2. Oh thank you for featuring me! :) I love the top and can't wait to wear it again!


    1. We can't wait for you to pair it up with something else either! <3 your style !

  3. Gorgeous seafoam green blouse love. I'm so glad you liked my blog. I'd love for us to follow each other! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.


    1. Thanks Lily ! Gorgeous way to describe the color ! :)
      We can't find the follow button on your blog though...



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