Monday, 2 July 2012

Bright boyfriend Blazers-A must have in your closet this spring

Just when the Blazers were thought to be so a guy thing the new trend has topsied turviedthe whole ‘’Blazers are for Boys Concept’’. Women are out there on the streets carrying themselves in blazers in the most luscious colors to wild up the whole look.

When women can carry the blazers more upright then the dudes to give that polished chic look, its time boys keep their blazers back in the closets because women seem to be making a better use of the blazers.

With the latest fashion trend of layering, what better way to rock it than a summery bright blazer? The blazers were quite a feature few years back.Well, flash forward a little over 25 years later and guess what?  Big, bold boyfriend blazers as worn in the 80′s are back again.

The boyfriend blazers are a must have fashion trend and the women just can't seem to get enough of. These blazers are a blend between casual comfort and refined elegance. The classic black blazer is the most functional blazer a woman can own.If you don't own one, it may be time to purchase one.

Blazers have over shadowed the fashionistas and range from cropped, to long oversized boyfriend styles, you will see solid colors, plaid, and striped, not to mention floral.Boyfriend blazers are all about appeal even if you actually snagged it from your guy's closet.

What's his is YOURS and what's yours is HIS might just not work for you  and you can’t afford not having that boyfriend blazer this spring because sometimes the most basic pieces, like your favorite pair of (skinny) jeans and (boyfriend) blazer, can make the perfect, easy outfit.


  1. This is a great post, I LOVE colored blazers! :) That peach one is amazing :)

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  2. Totally agree...this is a must have in any girls' closet...a blazer can take your outfit from casual to chic in no time!

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