Thursday, 3 May 2012

Heiress has been featured !!! Courtesy : Little Miss Twiggy

Hello readers! :)

That smiley says a lot about how we are feeling today... in one word ECSTATIC !
Why? Because our dear blogger friend Little Miss Twiggy decided to feature us on her awesome blog!

One of the perks of living online is meeting friends which you would never meet otherwise, and rising to that awareness of what the people from other walks of life, different languages, far off countries are like.

For us, fashion unites us all and we had been loving this experience so far. Fashion and blogging connected us to Miss B who hails from Croatia and loves life. Her blog shows off all the things she loves and reading her always lifts our spirits as the blog is full of energy.

We also took the liberty to feature our favorite blog posts at Miss B's blog below. Click on the pictures, to read the full post !

7 things that made me smile this week ( We say very cool idea ! )

Hair ring ( In Miss B's words " ponytail never looked so good !!"  )

P.s. the pictures in this post are copyright of Little Miss Twiggy and Heiress in no way means to convey any right over them whatsover ! 


  1. Thank you my dear friends!!! This is awesome!!!


    Let's keep in touch!!!!

    1. Ofcourse !! Pleasure knowing you Miss B !!

  2. nice blog checkout mine on

    feel free to leave a comment

    1. Thank you Steve ! Surely checking out your blog right now !

      If you like ours, you can follow.. would love to return the favor :)

  3. Congrats on the feauture! :)

    Love your blog!




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