Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Bloggers we love Priscilla from fashionishta.com

We are back ! To show our love for bloggers " Love thy blogger " we believe !

Fashionishta.com was created our lovely blogger friend  Priscilla. Her blog features the latest trends and celebrity styles.

What sets her apart are her weekly features called "Who Wore What Wednesday" and "Friggin' Fabulous Finds Friday". ( Heiress <3s the idea!! ) She just started blogging this January but has found a lot of love and appreciation from the community. We are her regular readers too now!

One of our favorite posts on her blog , recently , was  "How to rock silver dresses " . With the party circuit filled with bling, this post makes total sense to us ! Check out pictures from her blog below.

Priscilla also writes for TresDope.com and TheIndieChicks.com. How cool is that !

P.S. the pictures in this post are copyright of Fashionishta.com and Heiress in no way means to convey any right over them whatsover !


  1. Absoulutely loving those silver dresses :)

    1. Thanks Miss B! We are glad we featured Fashionishta.com !

  2. Gorgeous set and I am in love with Kim and Rihanna's dresses!

  3. hey! love this :-( thanks again! btw, the website is fashionishta.com with an H after the S. :-)

  4. OOPs!! Its corrected now! :)

  5. This look is too cute! I would totally wear it! Love that you added pics of the trend in action, it's a great visual!


  6. i love the set! :) Cool blog... Would you like to follow each other?



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