Monday, 23 April 2012


Heiress invites you to indulge yourself into the pool of luxury and style.
Take a dip in Luxury , savor a peice of art , exquisite craftsmanship and let the Heiress in you come to life. The ethereal, chicest gowns handpicked for you are bespoke , designed into existence using impeccable fabrics and embellishments. 

Luxury is in details and we believe that these skillful peices can make YOUR red carpet fantasy come true.

Get in touch with us to gift yourself an exclusive Couture piece that is nothing short of magnificence personified.

Take a brief look at our exotic gowns here , and for full details visit the Heiress Couture tab on the top of the page.
Or simply Click >> THIS << Link

Kate Gown 
See details HERE

Alexandra Gown
See details HERE

Ava Gown
See details HERE

Juliana Gown
See details HERE

Caroline Gown
See details HERE

Kimberly Gown
See details HERE

Cleopatra Gown
See details HERE

Eleanor Gown
See details HERE

Leave comments below to let us know how you like this new addition to Heiress !!

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  1. orange one and yellow are my favourite!!!!

  2. You have beautiful dresses! I love the first ones, I like to keep things simple =)
    Thanks for your message at IFB, and here's my link as well, I would love you to check my blog as well



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