Friday, 30 March 2012

What fashion personality are you?

"Clothes maketh a man" but " Style maketh a woman" 
Ever wondered, what your dressing style is? The celebs and socialites that we often look upto, as our style guru, wear consistently a similar style.
That is how Mrs. O ( Michelle Obama ) has come to be known for ladylike clothing and Lady Gaga for her eccentricity.

Our fashion personality mostly dictates what trends, apparel that we lust after. That is how the must-have list for each fashionista is different from the other.

Read our compilation below of 7 Fashion personalities.. pick which one is you and comment below to tell us !

Do you gravitate towards Bold looks? Avant-garde trends? Used to turning heads wherever you go. You sure have the soul of a fashion Rebel. You are game for dressing out of the box and colors do not scare you. Flamboyant, eccentric are just a few expressions that represent the unique you!

The wild cat... the siren... the bombshell.. all these phrases lead us to one single woman who loves her curves and shows them off. Prefers sexy to sweet any day . Usually sticks to solid colors but gorgeous figure flattering silhouettes. Animal prints for them are de rigueur and they feel incomplete without their scarlet lips. Do you belong?

If you are a romantic dresser, you would definitely have a lot of pinks and violets in your wardrobe. Laces , frills, bows , florals make your heart flutter. The charm of being a lady deeply resonates in your attire.

Bell Bottoms maybe a thing of the past but the free spirit attached to bohemians remains.
Replaced by free flowing maxis, ethnic clothing still seems to define this lot. You do not necessarily look like a hippie from the 60s, but include this style mutely with charm bracelets, flowy blouses, ethnic rings etc. A brown fringe bag could very well be your favorite possession.

If you feel an affinity towards clean shapes, solid colors, and tried and tested wardrobe staples.. you very well could be a minimalist. Your style epitomizes the no-nonsense modernity and you do not hop into the "trendy" band wagon easily. Statement accessories, you may include but you would not be caught dead in anything over the top. Your wardrobe for sure will be brimming with classic tailored pieces.

Scrounging  your lovers wardrobe, for the boyfriend blazer or boyfriend jeans?
Fedora hats and the chicest brogues feel like the best way to splurge? Then you define your style with androgyny and a ladylike sweet edge is far from intriguing for you. 

Just Can't get enough of your torn denims and distressed jersey tees? Some pieces in your wardrobe border towards grunge and some towards punk, but you are a master at putting forward a laid back look that spells casual chic!

Let us know in comments below.. which personality you relate to? 


  1. love the combination!!u have such a great fashion taste !!!woww i'm so impressed with your blog! it's so unique!! different with others!! come visit my blog and let's follow each other ^^ HAVE A NICE WEEKEND ^^

    1. Thank you ! Visited your blog! It is so unique itself ! Specially love the title! We are now following you!

  2. I am an Emotional Dresser, and so dress according to my mood, because of that I can't really use one fashion personality, so I would say I am all of the above apart from Androgynous as that does not suit my body type...

  3. Lady B, we think a lot of our readers will relate to emotional dressing and find themselves being a fashion chameleon and showing off various fashion personalities at different times!

  4. nice loved those categories and boards.
    Do visit

    1. Thank you IN Ssquare ! Visiting your post just right now!

  5. witch theory or by who are based in the different personality styles?

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