Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Style Icons India ' 2012

There is a very interesting story behind, why we did this post.
We thought it would be interesting to see who are the biggest style icons of our times, from our very own country - India. So we googled, and nothing relevant turns up on the first page !! ( Infact we found men style icons and not women - "o_0" We felt the same )

It surprised us, and we switched into research mode to compile the TOP 5!

 Starting with #5 

WHO: Number 5 on our list is Deepika Padukone. A model first and an actor now.. Known for her Limca Commercial and 100 watt smile! Her style did not become popular until Love Aajkal. 

WHY : The way she carries casual looks with elan ! She's gorgeous on the red carpets too but her USP is casual if you ask us! 
P.s. Her tattoos make her hot !


WHO :Number four on our list is Kalyani Chawala. She is the ambassador for Dior in India now, but used to be a darling socialite first. She appeared on Verve 2009 Best dressed cover alongside other socialites like Malani Ramani and Nandita Mahatani.

WHY : Her business looks are to die for... plus she gets to wear all things Dior! If you are looking for some 'Power fashion'
She is the one to follow!


WHO: Number 3 for us is Kangna Ranaut ! Known for her "troubled" roles on screen , she debuted with Gangster and won National Award for her supporting role in Fashion.

WHY : She takes risks with her wardrobe and can looks equally stunning in an androgynous outfit as well as a red carpet number.
The transformation of looks that she is capable of intrigues us!

# 2

WHO: And now our number 2 - Charu Sachdev from the famous sister duo Priya and Charu ! A celebrated socialite and founder of TSG International MarketingPvt. Ltd., which manages the retail operations and marketing of luxury brands in India.

WHY : Luxury and power run in her veins and it speaks in her dressing ! Tell us, when you look at her in any setting and you don't feel the same!

# 1

WHO : And finally the number 1 !! Sonam Kapoor it is!
This actor has truly redefined fashion for a lot of girls out there and so has the movie Aisha she starred in. And not only is she famous... her stylist Pernia Querishi rules the socialite circles too now!

WHY : Do we need a why? LOL
For those of you who do.... she rocks western and traditional wear equally ! Not afraid to experiment.. and always spotted in the latest 'It' trends, she is an Indian fashion darling!

Let us know in comments below, if you were hoping for someone else to be on the list too ! And tell us why!

We might just expand the list to 10 !


  1. wow, they are all really stylish.
    Good job!


    1. Thank you Mik! Where you from... tell us about some style icons from your country too!

  2. I didn't know that Kangana was from India! Kalyani looks elegant everytime!!!!

    Have a lovely upcoming week,
    Cri. (

    1. And we are surprised Kangna and Kalyani are internationally so famous! Thanks so much for reading Cristiane!

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