Saturday, 4 February 2012

Little Black Dress (LBD) SS 12

As every fashionista would tell you , LBD or the historic Little Black dress is a must in any women's wardrobe. But what they won't say is , even with your LBD , you should learn to experiment on silhouettes or other details , or else you would end up wearing just a black dress ( like everyone else ) So beware!

To help out, we are offering now , the latest must have in LBD's for the coming summer months- with net sleeves and peplum silhouette. We also share with you, how simply one single dress befits many occasions with just the change in accessories.
These tips could come handy with not just our LBD, but any that you own already!

In the morning ( LBD to work)

In the Afternoon ( Classy lunch with BFFs)

At night ( Clubbing like a diva )

And after all those tricks , it would be a sin If we did not talk about the lady who thought it all - Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel. In 1926 , Vogue published a sketch by Coco , of a radical dress ( which was compared to Ford's car Model T , a rage at that time) It was radical because , it was such a simple idea, was an example of fashion within reach, accessible to woman of all classes , had elegance, had style had it all.
Fashion changed that day.

Left : Drawing of the "Ford" Dress by Chanel © Vogue Paris 
Right : Imaginary portrait of Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld © Chanel

Remember Audrey Hepburn , in Breakfast at Tiffany's ? Who doesn't right? That is also an example of the Iconic LBD of the 6os. It was designed by Hubert De Givenchy.


  1. nice accessorizing options..though my workplc is conservative..i dont think ill be wearing an lbd to work anytime soon!!!

    love coco chanel for her lbd and no.5 perfume!!!!

    i recently did a post on my lbd experience..check out here -

    1. How we wish workplaces were open to fashion more... ! And we read your post just now ! The unplanned buy looks fantastic!



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