Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Get that Perfect Pout

So what if red dress is not what you have decided to wear, you can add a touch of red to your outfit by wearing a red lip colour. It would be an understatement to say that red lipstick is one of the most seductive and sensuous makeup arts since the time of Cleopatra.. Now we all ladies know how beautiful Cleopatra was believed to be and has always been known for having a strong sexual appeal. If you have never worn the red on your lips ever, we can’t think of a perfect first time other than this Valentine’s Day. Enhance the pout to have the right effect!!

We today pen down a fool proof guide to help you get that perfect red pout that will make your man go down on his knees…

It is very important to recognize the right shade according to your skin tone.

Fair: For fair skins it is usually said to use red with blue undertones, but we personally feel there are no rules for this skin type. Shades like coral red , bright pinkish reds, matte to true reds, most of them look great.. So feel great and carry your shade with full confidence!!!!

Medium: Use a red that has a subtle hint of orange.Red with a brown base is a good option for olive or yellow toned complexion.

Dark: Women with dark or warm skin tone should use deeper red with a purple base, plums, wine and berry shades look great.Earthy tones of red and terracotta red also look brilliant.

Perfect Application: Prepare your lips by applying a light foundation shade. Apply now your lip color to your lips with the tube. Then take your lip brush and blend out to the lip edges, creating a smooth even line.  Then take your matching lip pencil and line your lips, as if you were applying before your lipstick.  Because your lip color is already on, you’ll have an easier time applying and getting the lip shape right.Then blot. And wow!! You have the perfect pout… You can also top it with transparent gloss to make your lips look fuller.. especially on the middle of the lips.



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