Friday, 13 January 2012

Colorblock dress

So how did we arrive on this gorgeous red number? We came across these Elsa Oxford shoes and imagined what they would be if they were a dress. And off we started to pick color possibilities, how to interpret the color block etc. etc. Finally settled on these sunset shades and this dress got made in all it's glory.

As for the photography... our team wondered how would perfect things placed on imperfect backdrops be aesthetically appealing. Taking up the challenge, we went location hunting and found 'the perfect' imperfection.

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In the clothes : Somya Bisht

Behind the lens : Swati A. ( Previse team)


  1. Some very interesting shoes!

  2. Aren't they! :) We thought the same and got inspired!

  3. Wow .. pink shoes ..I guess it would be a great gift for my gf birthday



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