Thursday, 12 January 2012

Coat dress

What we hear most people say about catwalk fashion is " But, who is supposed to wear that? " The opinion does stand true for a lot of designs but then, these designs ceaselessly inspire and channel their wearable versions created elsewhere.

We loved the Viktor and Rolf  fall show ( we mean the clothes, overlook the painted red faces) and took up a challenge to create a coat dress, which has all the trendy elements but on the same hand is super wearable. We are glad to share the result!!

To shop for this coat mail us at

In the clothes : Somya Bisht
Behind the Lens : Swati A. ( Previse team)


  1. hey, it is super stylo... awesome... i would have ordered one right now if i had a girlfriend... ;)
    it is really a good one... wow...

  2. I wish then you have a girlfriend soon :)

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